Tejas Suthar - Open Source Web Developer India

Hello Friends,

This is Tejas Suthar’s Web blog. He is a passionate open source web developer who lives in Gujarat, INDIA and loves improving SEO techniques in his spare time. Apart from learning php, he also involves in finding to learn drupal 6 and latest drupal 7. He loves the drupal core framework and and modules build on drupal.

  • My Education

I have studied Masters in Computer Applications and Information Technology from Gujarat University with K.S. School of Business Management with 78%. Currently works as a web developer in Viteb Solutions.

  • My Location

I am living at Ahmedabad / Gujarat / Inda.

  • My Life

Living and learn from/with my family and Open source web development with Drupal, Learn PHP, Blogging about latest technologies, fixes of issues, fun stuff n more n more. You can find more about me on my personal blog here.

  • My blogs
  1. Personal Blog
  2. Technology Blog
  3. Another Technology Blog
  4. Support Blog
  5. Website ( Currently Under Construction )

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